Guitar Workshop Mixtur 2019

Mixtur, in collaboration with Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació, opens the application for the Guitar Workshop - Mixtur 2019 as part of the Festival Mixtur 2019, which will take place in Barcelona from April 25th to May 5th  2019. The workshop will be directed by Tillmann Reinbeck. This Workshop is aimed for guitarist, whether students or professionals, regardless of their age or nationality, interested in the performance of the contemporary repertoire.


The Guitar Workshop Mixtur 2019 will be directed by:

Tillmann Reinbeck

The workshop will take place from 25th t0 28th of April including the following activities:

  1. One individual class.
  2. Guitar Master class.
  3. Students can propose any work from the contemporary repertoire to work during their individual class, or a work by one of the teachers of the Composition and Sound Experimentation Workshop.
  4. Rehearsal with one of the students of the Composition Workshop.
  5. Composition Master classes directed by Bernhard Lang, Tristan Murail and Michael Obst.
  6. Participation in concert with two works, one of XX/XXI century repertoire and a second piece proposed by Festival Mixtur in mutual agreement with the participant.


Active participants: 160€