Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop 2017

The Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop, which celebrates this year its fourth edition, intends to offer, to both students of composition and composers in general, the opportunity to work during the festival with a prestigious composer, as well as a professional instrumental group. This workshop, recognized internationally, counts with the participation of renowned professors who, like in previous editions, will visit Barcelona as an active part of the Mixtur Festival. [Read here the terms and conditions of Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop Mixtur 2017]


We are also counting on the next ensembles to collaborate on the Reading Session:

Drumming GP /// Kommas Ensemble /// Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart /// Quartetto Maurice /// Plural Ensemble ///  Proxima Centauri 

General program

  1. An individual class with one of the resident composer.
  2. Reading Session or piece in a concert with one of the resident ensembles or participants of the Interpretation workshop. Mixtur will assign the instrument/s to each selected active participant.
  3. Master Classes by the resident composers and other guests.
  4. Open Space where students will be able to present their work to the rest of participants.
  5. Activities related to the Interpretation Workshops taught by Miquel Bernat, Marie-Bernadette Charrier, Jean-Pierre Dupuy y Harry Sparnaay.
  6. Free access to all concerts and activities of the Festival Mixtur 2017.
  7. Participants in workshop A + B will have two individual classes and one Reading Session or piece in a concert.

The participants of Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop 2017 also includes meetings with some of the following composers and performers, which take part on Mixtur 2017:

  • Ashkan Behzadi: April, at 11:30h
  • Fernando Villanueva: April 2, at 12:15h
  • Gabriela Ortiz: April 5, at 16:00h
  • Alejandro Escuer, "Creation and Sound Experimentation from the instrumental mastery: the case of the flute": April 5, at 17:30h
  • Rocío Cano Valiño: April 6, at 10:30h
  • Francisco C. Goldschmidt (Kommas Ensemble): April 8, at 11:00h
  • Heather Frasch: April 9, at 15:00h


Jose Miguel Arellano Armijo (Chile) /// Xoán-Xil López Rodríguez (Spain) /// Andrea Faraco de la Fuente (Spain) /// Arshia Samsaminia (Finland) /// Mauro Saleri (Italy) /// Marco Gaietta (Italy) /// Gabriel Bolaños (USA/Nicaragua) /// Luis Miguel Delgado Grande (Colombia) /// Theocharis Papatrechas (Greece) /// Victor Morató Ribera (Spain) /// José Carlos Villena (Spain) /// Joan Gómez Alemany (Spain) /// Pedro Fraguela (Argentina/Spain) /// Jaime Francisco Belmonte Caparrós (Spain) /// Christian Märki (Germany) /// Ben Davis (USA) /// Yoav Levy (Israel) /// Román González Escalera (Spain) /// Pedro Gómez Martínez (Spain) /// Mariela Rodríguez Rodríguez (Cuba) /// Damien Bonnec (France) /// Or Shemesh (Alemania/Israel) /// Manuel Sánchez García (Spain) /// Jacob Mashak (USA) /// Germán Gan (Spain) /// Daniel Muñoz (Spain)


  • From all the dossiers received, Babel Scores will select some participant works to be included in their library online.
  • From all the dossiers received, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble will select some participant works to be part of the concerts season 2017/2018.