Mixtur workshops 2017


Mixtur continues its commitment to pedagogy with a total of 7 workshops with renowned artists, that will take place during Mixtur 2017: Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop, Workshop in Conducting, Workshop on Improvisation and 4 Workshops for Players. 

The Composition and Sound Experimenting Workshop, which celebrates this year its fourth edition, intends to offer, to both students of composition and composers in general, the opportunity to work during the festival with a prestigious composer, as well as a professional instrumental group. This workshop, recognized internationally, counts with the participation of renowned professors who, like in previous editions, will visit Barcelona as an active part of the Mixtur Festival. On this occasion, the European composers Pierluigi BilloneChristophe Havel and Wolfgang Heiniger will be present at Festival Mixtur, as well as one of the more acclaimed Catalan composers, Hèctor Parra. Rodrigo Sigal, capital artist in the field of the electroacoustic music in Latin America and director of the CMMAS of Mexico, will be also Professor of the workshop, as well as Fabian Panisello, Argentinian composer based in Madrid and director of the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.

Panisello will also lead the second edition of the Workshop in Conducting, a pedagogical proposal initiated last year by Ruth Schereiner. On the other hand, the oldest of the Mixtur pedagogical workshops, the Workshop on Improvisation, comes in 2017 to its 5th edition. This year the workshop will be taught by bassist and English improviser Barry Guy.

One of the more important news of Festival Mixtur 2017 is the inclusion for the first time of workshops dedicated to performers. The students will have the opportunity to work with Miquel Bernat (Percussion Workshop), Harry Sparnaay (Clarinet Bass Workshop), Jean-Pierre Dupuy (Piano Workshop) and Marie Bernadette Charrier (Sax Workshop).

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