Workshop on Composition and Sound Experimentation


Col·lectiu Mixtur, in collaboration with Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, opens the application for the Workshop in Composition and Sound Experimentation as part of the Festival Mixtur 2015. Our wish is to create in Barcelona a meeting point for contemporary creation, in which pedagogy is one of the essential pillars. In this second edition of the Workshop, our guest composers will be: Agustí Charles, Ramón Lazkano and Clara Maïda and we will also be counting with the collaboration of the CrossingLines Ensemble, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble and the Ensemble Recherche for the Reading Session.


Agustí Charles

FOTO AGUSTINBorn in Manresa (Barcelona), he has had much recognition for his work, receiving nearly fifty awards, among these are the most important national and international composition prizes.

Ramón Lazkano

Ramon Lazkano (c Olivier Roller)
Born in Donosti, he studied composition in San Sebastian, Paris and Montreal with Escudero, Bancquart, Grisey and Tremblay. His music is regularly performed by the most prestigious instrumental groups from all the world.

Clara Maïda

Clara Maïda lives in Paris and Berlin and turned to music composition after studying psychology and music, with composition courses with Lachenmann, Manoury, Murail, Grisey, Stroppa in Acanthes Centre and at Paris CNSMDP.


Reading Panel, where the scores, ideas or proposals from the participants will be worked out.

CrossingLines02 - CrossingLines borroso - © Anna Madrid

Its unusual grouping (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, percussion and piano), its unique vision of music of our time together with their comprehensive concert programs makes them one of the most honest and refreshing proposals of our country in the field of music today.

Ensemble Rechercheimage007 (1)

The Ensemble Recherche makes music history with over 500 first performances since its founding in 1985, the ensemble has played a major role in shaping the development of contemporary chamber and ensemble music. The ensemble recherche has released about 50 CDs, many of which have been awarded international prizes including the annual German Critics’ Award

Vertixe Sonora EnsembleVSE

Flexible collective that integrates prominents soloist of contemporary music in Galicia and Portugal, Vertixe Sonora ensemble favors an open space for reflection, discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary music.


  • Alberto Arroyo de Oñate (Spain)
  • Alberto Trabajos Moreno (Spain)
  • Alessandro Milia (Italy)
  • Angel Hernandez Lovera (Venezuela)
  • Bára Gísladóttir (Iceland)
  • Camilo Mendez (Colombia)
  • Carme Lluch Juaneda (Spain)
  • Christian Märkl (Germany)
  • David José Longa Mendoza (Venezuela)
  • Diana Rotaru (Romania)
  • Eduardo Valiente Salas (Spain)
  • Giulia Lorusso (Italy)
  • Héctor Oltra Garcia (Spain)
  • Isandro Ojeda-García (Spain)
  • Javier Lopez Rodriguez (Spain)
  • Jose Miguel Arellano Armijo (Chile)
  • Konstantinos Baras (Greece)
  • Luis Alfonso Román Cárdenas (Spain)
  • Mateo Mena Calavia (Spain)
  • Miguel Matamoro (Spain)
  • Paula Alvarez Garcia (Spain)
  • Pedro Gómez Martínez (Spain)
  • Rodolvo Valente (Brasil)
  • Sabina Ulubeanu (Romania)
  • Sergio Cote Barco (Colombia)
  • Shiuan Chang (Taiwan)
  • Xavier Blasco (Spain)
  • Yaiza Cano Martinez (Spain)
  • Pablo Fdez. Arrieta (Euskal-Herria) - listener
  • Bernard Hertley (UK/Germany) - listener


The Meeting Point  is place where any student from the Workshop can book a space of time during the Workshop to present his/her music, analyze score, give a talk, play musical recodings, etc...

The amount of time available for each presentation will be determined by the number of proposals received.


  • Babel Scores reserves the right to select a composer each to offer the chance to publish one of the works in their music library. The selection could be declared deserted.  
  • Maison Ona reserves the right to select a composer each to offer the chance to publish one of the works. The selection could be declared deserted.
  • Applications for Accommodation Grants will cover the nights of 23rd , 24th  and 25th  April 2015.
  • From the dossiers sent to the Festival, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble will choice a student/participant to perform one of his/her works during the next season of concerts that will take place in Galicia, Spain. The selection could be declared deserted.