07/04 - 23:00h - CONCERT N.17

Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona

Flute, electronics and video Alejandro Escuer, flute/ Rodrigo Sigal, electronics


⇨ Lumínico


Luminico is an original show organized as an uninterrupted sound experience that explores multisensory experiences, synesthesia and the stimulation of consciousness. In it, the music and musical interpretations have a ritual and almost spiritual character that combine with live video stream, new technologies, lighting, sound emission and electronic music. Luminico is a multimedia concert from Mexico that proposes a redefinition of formats, enhances cultural diversity and stimulates international collaborations. It has been presented in different forums in Mexico and places around the world such as China, the U.S. and over 10 countries in Europe and South America.

Alejandro Escuer is a Mexican musician and artist whose work focuses on musical interpretation, creation and improvisation  through the impulse of projects that fuse contemporary music with other disciplines such as photography, video, painting and the use of new technologies. Rodrigo Sigal is a doctor in Musical Composition through Electroacoustic Media. He has been the director of the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, CMMAS since 2006. His pieces are interpreted regularly in different countries and are available in over 14 CDs.


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