30/03 - 22:00h - CONCERT N.2 

Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creació



Ferran Besalduch, bass and sopranino saxophones / Joan Antoni Pich, cello/ Pep Mula, percussion


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Freenètics is an intuitive and fully sustainable portable improvisation project: the trio made up of Ferran Besalduch (bass and sopranino saxophones), Joan Antoni Pich (cello) and Pep Mula (drums) bond together the different elements from their own backgrounds: from free jazz to the most electric rock by way of contemporary music, in keeping with the nature of the space where they’re playing. An exercise in pure musical symbiosis that plays with apparently irreconcilable sounds they extract from their instruments to give them a fresh and at times unlikely twist. Freenètics is a clear example of the concept of evolution: eager exploration, adapting to the environment and unexpected mutations.

Presented in 2009 at the LEM Festival in Barcelona, the trio organizes since 2014 its own series of improvisation sessions at the Studium Badalona, where they have performed with artists of the international improvisation scene like the dancers Constanza Brncic and Sònia Sánchez, drawing artist Joma and musicians Joachim Badenhorst, Agustí Fernandez, Jacob Wick and Nuno Rebelo among many others. Last year they where invited to take part in festivals like 'Escucha errante' in Bilbao and Multiversal in Oslo.