Ensemble DRAMA

06/04 - 17:30h - CONCERT N.11

Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creació

Lluïsa Espigolé, piano

Erica Wise, cello


⇨Ensemble DRAMA!



- Tangible #2 by Raquel García-Tomás (Spain) 8’

for piano, cello, electronics and video

- L’electromechanique (2016) by Tomás Virgós (España) 10’

for piano, cello and electronics

- Enlightened (2013) by Íñigo Giner Miranda (Spain) 8’

for cello and LED rings

- Custom #3 (Big Data) (2016) by Óscar Escudero (Spain) 10’

for piano, cello, electronics and video

- Empty Rooms (2016) by Raf Mur Ros (Spain) 12’

for keyboard, cello, midi devices, electronics and video


The artistic endeavour DRAMA! searches for new paths between music, word and movement, while incorporating the current technological advances available. This inevitably leads to a rethinking of compositional methods and a broadening of the interpretive range of musicians, who, since the second half of the twentieth century have not only had to adapt to greater technical demands at their instrument, but have also seen their role as a performer change within the context of a more multidisciplinary approach to the arts. Driven by these goals and this new concept of the interpreter, DRAMA! aspires to invigorate young emerging artists, providing them with a platform to experiment and develop their individual artistic perspective.

Erica Wise

Erica Wise is a founding member of the Dalia Quartet, Funktion and a member of Trio Lorca.  As soloist she has worked with conductors Michael Stern and Keith Lockhart among others, performing at the Aspen Music Festival and in Jordan Hall in Boston, MA.  A passionate chamber musician, she regularly collaborates with musician such as Kennedy Moretti, Lluïsa Espigolé, Cuarteto Quiroga and members of Cuarteto Casals for example.  A strong advocate for music written during our time, she has given national and international premieres of works, both as soloist and as a member of  Funktion, by composers such as Yuval Gotlibovich, Damien Luna, Joan Magrané, Octavi Rumbau, Tristan Perich, Jakob Kirkegaard and Hanne Darboven.  She has invited to teach at courses in the U.S and in Spain.  She join the faculty as professor of cello at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu starting in fall of 2017.


Lluïsa Espigolé

Lluïsa Espigolé is intensively engaged in contemporary music; her activity is currently focused on the performance and premieres of contemporary works as a soloist, chamber musician, ensembles and increasingly in interdisciplinary projects and as an improviser, with regular appearances in festivals and venues such as 8Brücken Köln (Cologne), ArtsSònica (Barcelona), ISCM World Music Days, Lucerne Festival, Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), Festival Musica (Strasbourg), Sàmpler Series (Barcelona), Mostra Sonora (Sueca), Sound of Stockholm, Alte Oper (Frankfurt),Philarmonie (Luxembourg), Theaterhaus (Stuttgart), ZKM (Karlsruhe). Lluïsa Espigolé has collaborated with a variety of ensembles including Ensemble Adapter (Berlin), Ensemble Ascolta (Stuttgart), CrossingLines Ensemble (Barcelona), Ensemble DRAMA! (Madrid), Ensemble Modern (Frankfurt), Ensemble Plus Minus (London). Since 2011 is Professor for contemporary piano and chamber music at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón in Zaragoza.