Installations 2017

Sound installations Mixtur 2017


instalacion calderas

Cant de calderes

Students of the Master Degree in Sound Art of the Universitat de Barcelona

instalacion tarrats

Mailbox Music

Jordi Espuny, Sofía Scheps, Santiago Doljanin, Karla Rodríguez and Albert Tarrats


Sense boxes

Heather Frasch

The Master in Sound Art of the Universitat de Barcelona works in Cants de Calderes on the idea of giving a new sound life to the boiler room of Fabra i Coats, in collaboration with the Museum of the History of Barcelona.

In Alvin Lucier's Music on a long thin wire, a wire is tensioned between two bridges. This installation proposes an unplugged variant, inviting to a close and intimate listening.

Selected from the Open Call Mixtur 2017,  in this interactive installation, participants are invited to discover what a sound might feel like if we could hold it in our hands, through one sound artist’s vision.