Dolores Acosta – weltAusstellung

09/04 - 16:00h - CONCERT N.22

Fabra i Coats-Fàbrica de Creació de Barcelona

Under the skin - dance and improvisation with electronics and video d Dolores Acosta, dance weltAusstellung, music and video

M- Selected performers from the Mixtur Open Call

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Dolores Acosta

Profesional dancer and performer since 2005. She has participated in festivals in Europe with various companies: Au Ments(Accions-Reaccions;Petit Ball;Malasombra);Absuelta Cía(Las Bañistas);Isabel Castro Jung (Tapawar),Veru Iché (Written child) and at Mixtur 2015 with Tots els caps.

Anja Lautermann

Flutes,different tone generators and instruments,live electronics Degree at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Amsterdam in the subjects flute,classical music and jazz improvisation. Aside from regular solo performances,she collaborates with video,performance,and visual artists

Thilo Schölpen

Musician, sound artist, filmmaker Study at the Amsterdamse hogeschool voor de kunsten. Since 1998  he is producing music and developing performances and sound art installations Concerts have taken him to many parts of the Western world.


Peter Issig

1991 start to work as a professional Jazz Musician.Concerts and CD Productions with international Artists. Since 2004 start to work as Video Artist.Media Festivals, Installations and Stage Design for Opera and Theater

Uwe Moellhusen

Visual,performance&soundartist. Composer of exp-music for films and dance theatre [pina bausch among others], broadcasting, sound-installations. Solo exhibitions 2015/16: disturbance/kuLe, Berlin and broken performance/bbk gallery,Osnabrück.