Festival Mixtur welcomes any artist who incorporates sound exploration into his work. This openness is expressed through an international call, which determines a very important part of the program to come. The model of the Mixtur Open Call has established itself as one way to publicize projects around the world, of high artistic level, with a total of 661 applications received for 2017 and the selection of 27 proposals, which are added to the 77 selected from its beginning in 2012.

The selected artists from Mixtur Open Call 2017 are:

CATEGORY 1 – Selected Works

  •  Organismo Aperto n.1 (2014) by Giulio Colangelo (Italy), for String Quartet and Electronics [Mixtur 2017]
  • Modulations mécaniques (2015-16) by Núria Giménez Comas (Catalonia, Spain), for Flute, Saxophone, Percussion, Piano and Electronics [Mixtur 2017]
  • Emellanåt, stundom (2016) by Lina Järnegard (Sweden), for Bb Clarinet, Cello and Piano [Mixtur 2017]
  • Spalt (2015) by Javier Quislant García (Basque Country, Spain), for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello [Mixtur 2017] 
  • Tâches (2016) by Rocío Cano Valiño (Argentina), electroacoustic work [Mixtur 2017]
  • Inroads (2016) by Marc Evans (USA), electroacoustic work [Mixtur 2017]
  • Homéostasie (2016) by Paolo Pastorino (Italy), electroacoustic work [Mixtur 2017]
  • Sal (2016) by Mario Mary (France), electroacoustic work  [Mixtur 2018]  
  • along the eaves (2015) by Benjamin O’Brien (France), electroacoustic work [Mixtur 2018]
  • Shaking Mendeleev in the Presence of a Guitar (2005) by Rita Torres (Portugal), electroacoustic work [Mixtur 2018] 
  • General protocol and others to recognize thousands of leaves (2016) by Daisuke Nakajoh (Japan), audiovisual work [Mixtur 2017]
  • Sense boxes (2013) by Heather Frasch (USA/Germany), sound installation [Mixtur 2017]

CATEGORY 2 – Commissions 

CATEGORY 3 – Selected Performers

 Read here the terms & conditions of the Open Call Mixtur 2017.

 Next Mixtur Open Call to submit applications will be on May 1st, 2018.

  Read here the full list of selected artists from Open Call Mixtur since 2012.