Round Table 4: Normalisation of contemporary repertoire for orchestra

Round Table 4: Normalisation of contemporary repertoire for orchestra



This round table will address the controversial and difficult task of introducing and normalizing the contemporary repertoire in concert halls of symphonic music. We will talk about criteria of artistic quality, about the different sensitivities and needs of both the audience and the performers, the promotion of new talents and consolidation of the most established creative values, as well as economic criteria and marketing strategies. We will have the opportunity to hear the opinions of three orchestra conductors who will present and discuss what these difficulties are and their possible solutions. A debate that is expected intense and very interesting for anyone who wants to delve into the fascinating world of contemporary music from the point of view of the conductor and music programmer.

With: Nacho de Paz, conductor. Ernest Martínez Izquierdo, conductor, Honorary Conductor of Navarre Symphony Orchestra (Spain) and co-founder of ensemble BCN216. Michael Brandstätter, conductor and founder of Agency for New Music Orchestral Music Nomus 21.

Moderator: Xavier Pagès-Corella.

27/04 - 18:30h - ROUND TABLE N.4

Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació