Round Table 1: Today challenges in electroacoustic composition

Round table 1: Today challenges in electroacoustic composition



The composers present here are teachers and are or were representatives of institutions. Today, in my view, little valued. When composing largely from the autism of the digital composition, how do you manage to continue on the crest of the wave, with so much festival, contest, with payment of registration fees ?. The Festivals are a business of exploitation of composers. The attendees are the same composers who are paid for their trips. The general public does not exist.

With the composers João Pedro Oliveira, Adolfo Nuñez and Daniel Teruggi.

Moderator:  Andrés Lewin Richter.

20/04 - 18:30h - ROUND TABLE N.1

Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació






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