Experimental Piano for kids


With this name, the pianist Ricardo Descalzo, teacher of the Piano Workshop Mixtur 2018, will carry out a pedagogical session for kids. Ricardo Descalzo invites a group of girls and boys to a session of discovering and surprise of an unknown world. The session offers a direct experience inside a grand piano, in which kids will find very atypical and amazing sounds. The pupils will discover the different parts of a grand piano -strings, sounding board and its differents points of access, dampers, metallic structure, pegbox- and the sounds that they can make with it through different techniques. With all this elements, kids will surround the piano and Ricardo Descalzo will give them a sound or some possibles sounds with different items to create a real time improvisation conducted by the teacher.

The workshop will take place on Friday April 27th at 10am at Fabra i Coats.