Barbara Held + Benton Bainbridge

28/04 - 18:00h - CONCERT N.17

L'Auditori de Barcelona. Sala 4

28/04 - 19:00h - SOUND INSTALLATION

L'Auditori de Barcelona. Hall of Sala 2





Free acces to concert with tickets of Ensemble PHACE concert. Limited capacity.

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Pausa is a collaborative work created by multimedia artist Benton C Bainbridge and the flautist and composer Barbara Held, which explores the limit separating audiovisual installations from performing works. Presented in dual format in L’Auditori, as an audiovisual concert with quadraphonic sound and as an audiovisual installation on diferents screens, in Pausa, the processing of images in real time and the acoustic and electronic sounds takes place mutually. A single generator of binary patterns creates rhythms interpreted by a synthesising audiovisual system, generating timbral variations in the flute part played live, as well as creating layers of images in movement based on abstract forms.


Benton C Bainbridge (born January 22, 1966) is an American media artist known for creating single channel video, interactive artworks, immersive installations and live visual performances with custom digital, analog and optical systems of his own design.

Called one of " music's most valued performers" by the critics, Barbara Held has collaborated with composers such as Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Alvin Lucier, Phill Niblock, Elliot Sharp, Carles Santos and Federic Mompou.